Review: The King by Tiffany Reisz

Title: The King
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Dark Erotica (BDSM)
Type: Book 6 of The Original Sinner series/ Book 2 of The Original Sinners: White Years
POV: Third Person



“I have something to tell you. A story. And I can’t tell you why I’m telling you the story until after the story.”

The King opened with Kingsley visiting Grace in London for a personal mission. Before he revealed what it was, he wanted to tell Grace the story of his life so she would understand why he was there.

It started 20 years before when Kingsley was 28 years old rich man with infinite amount of booze to drink and women to grace his bed. Still traumatized from his experience in the French Foreign Legion, he was a lost soul with no direction in life.

That was until fate intervened and Søren came back into his life after 11 years absent.


 “All I ask of you,” Kingsley began, “all I beg of you…don’t leave me again. Please. Eleven years. I thought I’d never see you again.”

Søren pushed him to do something with his life which inspired by his teenage promise to have a place for “their kind” to be free and safe in their own world.

The King 1

Thus began Kingsley’s journey to build the kink club of all kink club. Though the road to his kingdom was paved with rose thorns instead of petals – but then again he would prefer that right? Haha!

To make his vision come through, he had to battle against Reverend Fuller, a powerful Christian fundamentalist. Along the way, he met new characters that would eventually brought his dream to life.

This book is called The King and it is about the King and the King only. This book is the only one in the series that focus solely on one character. That is why at first I felt it was a bit slow in the first half. But once Kingsley started to see his true calling and got the ball rolling, I was enchanted by the people he came into contact with.

One of my favorite new characters is definitely Sam. I love her because she reminds me of Nora, which is a good thing because Nora was pretty much non-existent in this book.

“You’re not the only one around here with scars,”

In this book, we learned how Kingsley ended up dressing like the King he was with his Hessian boots and all, while he was also unafraid to put on a corset and high heels. Yes, if I was drinking I would have spluttered my screen with it when I read that part hahaha!

One of my favorite scenes was the innuendo filled conversation with Chastity at the church office. That was fun!

Personally, in books, I always have a soft spot the rebel or the underdog. Kingsley has always been either one or both throughout the series and that made him special to me.    I love Søren because he really cared for Kingsley but couldn’t give his all to him because Nora always came in between.

The King 2

I’m not into M/M romance but Kingsley and Søren has never been about romance, but it’s all about love. I unequivocally believe Kingsley love for Søren was the purest form of love in any books I’ve read – and I’m not even into M/M stuff. This made me really sad considering I can’t foresee any happy ending involving everyone in the Søren, Nora and Kinsgley triad.  Yes Kingsley had his own family now, but it just hurts me inside of what it could be.


In my perfect Original Sinners world, Kingsley would be with Søren, while Nora would be with Wesley (yes I’m not over him yet!).

 Vive le roi  

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