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Recently I had a 12 year old relative came visiting. She’s an annoyingly busy body kid. I was on the laptop when she stuck her head in front of the screen. When she saw what I was doing – looking at images of hot men and sexy scenes – she gave me a knowing smile and winked. When she asked me what I was doing, I told her the truth – research.

Yes that was the truth! Since I started this blog, I have not only been compiling stuff about books, but also started developing database of hot men for book teasers. Yes it’s a hard, grueling job but it needed to be done.

Perfect Chaos Teaser 2

My first ARC and teaser made was for Perfect Chaos by Nashoda Rose

I started making teasers when I started taking ARCs. I love making them but they can take a lot of my time. Choosing the right images and editing them to fit the feel of a book is not an easy task. It is especially hard finding models with specific physical characteristics for characters teasers.

Because of its time consuming nature, I only make teasers for ARCs and books that I really care about and worth my time spending an extra effort for. To cut back on the teaser making time, I begin collecting names and faces for my possible models. Each of them came complete with their physical characteristic and the mood.



For example the image shown: Tattoo, spiked hair, badboy, rocker, troublemaker. Hmm… now do you see how much of a hard work it is keeping the tab on the hotties? Haha!

My collection of book teasers can be found on my Facebook album HERE. I’m off to continue my umm… research.


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