Review: Shooting Scars by Karina Halle



Title: Shooting Scars
Author: Karina Halle
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Erotic
Type: Book 2 of The Artists Trilogy
POV: First Person – Dual


At the end of Sins & Needles, Ellie sacrificed her freedom by choosing to go with Javier to save Camden’s life and let him have his happy ending with his family. Shooting Scars continued their story with them being apart and each with his/her own mission.
Shooting Scars Cover

Ellie and Javier headed to Mexico with revenge on the agenda. Javier needed her to exact his own revenge by using hers as an excuse. In doing so, she had to endure old memories with him while trying to remind herself who she wanted to be.

I both wanted to laugh derisively at the way he pronounced Jason and sneer at the use of my old pet name, Angel. I was Angel six years ago. That angel had died on broken wings and with a broken heart.

Camden on the other hand, embarked on his own journey of redemption.

Three lives were at stake here and I couldn’t save all of them at the same time.

He tried to do the right thing, only to be played and screwed royally. So to make things right, he joined forces with Gus for a mission to bring Ellie back. Together, the unlikely pair went through Mexico hoping they will get her back.

The two pairs went on their own way until they met towards the end of the book. By that time, each of them had been manipulated/hurt/betrayed that led to an unforeseen ending that was only the beginning of their new adventure in the next book.

After reading Book 1 and the novella, I was really excited about this one and put a high hope on it. Like its predecessor, this book is full or action and suspense amidst of romance. The first 50%, felt a little slow since but after that it picked up and ended it a bang – or guns blazing to be exact.

I love Gus and his straight talking.

“Look, as of right now, the photo circulating on the news is a far cry from what you look like. They’re looking for a pretty boy with a dumbass smile, you look like a piece of shit.”


I also love his relationship with Camden. Of course I love Camden with his devotion for Ellie. We also got to see his darker side. I can take a lot but what Camden did with the tattoo gun was eww…

As much as I love Camden, I couldn’t ignore Javier’s pull. In Sins & Needle, I was Team Camden, after I read On Every Street there was no doubt I was Team Javier. Now, I am unapologetically Team Javier.

“It’s the wild wild east, my dear, and the sheriff is nowhere to be seen.”
“And who are you? The lone ranger?”
“Don Diego de la Vega,” he answered. “Zorro.”


How could you not like him huh?

I love the dual POV. I also like how once at the point in the book they were at the same place we get the scenes from each POV without being repetitive.

My favorite scene was every scenes that involved non-dairy creamer hahaha! Also the dream that Camden had while on Gus’s couch. I mean hot damn! We all know who the dark figure was in the dream and that made it super hot. I’m wondering if there’s going to be such scene (but a real one not dream) in next book. I could always hope right?


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