Panty Droppers

Panty Dropper Specials


I admit, sometimes I picked a book just because the cover is sexy hot. Yes, I can be shallow like that so don’t judge me haha!


First lets define sexy.

Sexy (adj) – sexually attractive or exciting.

Sexiness is subjective. For me a sexy cover doesn’t have to be of two naked people wrapped in each other. Sometimes, even an object can be sexy. Killer heels are one example. Even a silver grey necktie can make you all hot and bothered. (Thank you so much E.L. James. I could never again look at silver grey tie without thinking of kinky fuckery!)


Below are my picks for panty dropping covers and reasons for their lick worthiness.

Sorry Fabio, you are absolutely banned from this list.

Now to the actual list:


Panty Dropping Factor:

Look at that face. That intense look, that slight smirk. And the model totally embodied the character Justice Drake in the book. Justice was a cocky, insensitive “sex trainer”. He trained bored housewives to be a whore for their husbands.  His personality matched the cover model look.  But yes, that face. It makes me want to slap him then kiss him.


Panty Dropping Factor:

This one is a triple threat – cloaked, tattoos and scars. I have a weakness with cloaked mysterious men. I blame it on my past obsession with the game Assasin’s Creed. It doesn’t matter if the man covered with medieval cloak or modern hoodie, I’ll always find it sexy. I find a few tattoos are hot. Scars are sexy too because it shows imperfection. Oh, that gleaming hard body can’t be ignored either.


Panty Dropping Factor:

That. Killer. Body. I don’t like big muscles, but that cover model’s body is perfection. Lean but defined, just the way I like. I could just imagine him wrapping his arm around my… oh, sorry. Let’s move on with the list.


Panty Dropping Factor:

Yes, the cloaked thing again. And of course his face. I love that intensity of his looks and that hallows under his cheeks are so sexy. I also have a weakness for light stubbles. If this is how a masked vigilante looks like, I’ll happily be the damsel in distress.



Panty Dropping Factor:

Opened white shirt and red tie. I think it’s really hot when a man all dressed up looking smart and proper only to hide a sinful tattooed body inside. Yum!


There are other sexy covers on my list but I just chose the most recent ones. If you have you own list of sexy covers, feel free to share with us.


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