Review: Captivated By You by Sylvia Day

Title: Captivated By You

Author: Sylvia Day

Genre: Erotic Romance

Type: Book 4 of Crossfire series

POV: First Person – Dual



The Crossfire series was among the earliest erotic romance series that I read (the 2nd to be exact). I totally fell in love with Gideon and his possessiveness, protectiveness and his hotness. Since then, I have other men that captured my heart but Gideon will always have a special place in it. I have read the whole series 3 times over and was really looking forward this one for a long time. I was excited to relive my love for Gideon with Captivated By You. Unfortunately I wasn’t captivated.

I’m sure it’s NOT because it’s been so long. The last time I read it probably a year ago but since I’ve read it multiple times, I still remember the details in previous books. My biggest problem with this book is the story had no direction and it was stretched to death. One of the biggest draw for me in the series is the all-encompassing love Gideon and Eva had for each other. It made me all swoony and lightheaded, and I am not usually all of that. This book made me think their love is not worth rooting for and that made me so sad. Eva was a character I used to like because even though she was broken, she was strong with how she “attacked” the people related to Gideon’s past in the previous books. Now she turned into a hypocritical, whiny bitch.

He’d saved me, in so many ways. I was going to do whatever needed to be done to save him, too.

That’s admirable sweetheart, but boy she was so pushy! Though, that’s not what subtracted stars from me. I’ve loved books with annoying/vile characters. It’s the story, or lack of it. The whole book was simply about how Eva pushing Gideon to face his past (like we haven’t seen that one before!) without any actual substance. There were a lot of things going on the multitude of characters in the book but it wasn’t expended properly. It felt like there were 10 different things going on and each one only touch at 5% of its potential. I rather read something that touched only 3 different things but developed 100%. I love when a book included wider subjects than just the two main characters but what’s the point when it’s not developed? It’s ridiculously shallow and seemed like they were included just so the words would hit the number of pages mark. At the end of entwined with you, I assumed this book would addressed the issue with Brett, the sex stape and Nathan death. The identity of Gideon’s “savior” was revealed in about a page worth in total. That was like the ultimate anti-climax. I was hoping for something more dramatic. The issue with Brett and the tape hardly touched and still not resolved.

“I knew Brett during a time in my life when I hated myself but wanted other people to love me. And now he’s acting the way I wanted him to back then and it’s giving me a head trip.”

Really? Just do him or ditch him already! I like Brett because I thought he was going to stir some shit but that didn’t happen. There was just too many things touched in this book that were not elaborated and resolved. I like the previous books because they have closure yet still make me want more. This book left me frustrated. The only thing that got me remotely excited about this book was the swing set scene. And I do like the elevator scene too – it was emotionally charged. Those two scenes saved this book from further reduction in stars. Also thank goodness for dual POV. I don’t think I can stand being in Eva’s head the whole book especially with her new persona. This book was my most anticipated book of the year, only for it to become the most disappointing book of the year. It’s sad because I love Gideon and I don’t want to give up hope for the next book. Sylvia Day better step up her game or I’m going to be really mad for ruining my love for the Crossifire series. Crossfire might end up being a crossfade.


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