Free Short Story by Tiffany Reisz

My favorite author Tiffany Reisz has released a free Original Sinners short story titled Jordan on her website. The story takes place during The Saint when Eleanor was 16. It’s about how Eleanor helped her friend Jordan with the help of Søren. I love it! It’s a little gift for us while waiting for the arrival of The King.


Click to read Jordan.


Below is a little excerpt from Jordan.


“Eleanor, not wanting to talk to you is not a sign she’s angry at you. Sometimes people can’t talk to other people for reasons entirely unrelated to how they feel about them. I’m a priest. I can’t tell you what someone says in the Confessional even if that someone confessed to me he wanted to murder you.”

“Someone wants to murder me?”

Søren narrowed his eyes at her.

“That was merely a hypothetical example.”

“Your hypothetical example was about someone murdering me?”

“I can’t imagine why.”



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