Review: Made by J.M. Darhower

Title: Made
Author: J.M. Darhower
Genre: Dark Romance (Though more of story about love than romance)
Type: Book 0.4 of Forever series
POV: Third Person
Rating: 5/5

Note: Made can be read as a standalone but do not read it before Sempre and Sempre Redemption because it contains scenes of major events in the two books. It will ruin the reading experience. But read this after those two, it will enhance it and make you fall in love all over again with the whole family.

If I have to use one word to describe my feeling for Corrado Moretti it’s RESPECT. I love him after Sempre redemption and I love him even more now.

Made Tease
The book grabbed me from the very beginning. A look at the Moretti household enough to make you understand why their lives turned out the way I did in the future.

The story chronicled Corrado’s life from the age of 7 until his adult life. We got to see how he grew up and it wasn’t pretty. He admired his father Vito even before he understood what the old man did for a living.

“You throw a man into a war and he’s gonna kill, you know? Gotta do what we gotta do, any means necessary to make it out alive. And besides, people should never be punished for protecting family, no matter what.”

Vito never going to get Dad of the Year award, but he was a good dad. He did what he could to make Corrado’s life better.

We also got to learn how the Moretti kids became close to the DeMarco kids – how he first met Celia and fell for her.

“So you like my, uh, bigger places?”

I love that scene! You would only understand if you’ve read the book. I love young Celia and I love Corrado’s awkwardness with her.

He joined La Cosa Nostra in his teen as a street runner. The life wasn’t as glamorous (as what Vincent said) as it seemed. Corrado struggled to earn his place. If at first he thought it was a charmed life, not having been a made man was slowly eating him away.

Once he was initiated, he rose immediately to the top. Though that didn’t mean life was easy.

This book could be called Sempre: The Beginning. I love that we not only learn about Corrado’s past life, but also Vincent and Maura’s and their children. Besides all the major players in the Sempre novels, we also got to learn about the minor characters beginnings. Vincent… Vincenzo… my heart was shattering all over again for him.

The epilogue… I don’t know what to say. Was still reeling from the earlier event (again) and than that hit me. I can’t… I just… I just need a hug!

See, all these Sempre books made me feel like the characters were my own family and this book sealed it. I laughed with them and cried for them, I would do anything for them. If people end up joining the mafia in troves after reading the series, I totally blame the author! No, the book didn’t glamorized the life (in fact it’s gritty), but it instilled in you the sense of loyalty and the value of family – that’s what it meant to be a man of honor.

I think I might have finally found my favorite male literary character. I will always love Corrado. Sempre. And that might be how long I would need to recover from this book.

“Because without villains, there wouldn’t be superheroes.”


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