Review: Friends & Forever – Sempre Novellas


Title: Friends & Forever

Author: J.M. Darhower

Genre: Contemporary Romace

Type: Novellas – Book 0.5 and 2.5 of Sempre series

POV: Third Person

Rating: 5/5


This free novellas can be downloaded at Amazon.



This part of the novella delved into the breakdown of friendship between Carmine DeMarco and Nicholas Barlow. They were the best of friends but one event snowballed to the other that ending up with both unable to forgive each other.

But Carmine also knew there were ways to hurt someone without laying a finger on them.

We got a glimpse of this in the main novels and this edition went more into the details. It was sad reading this because we got to see how much Carmine was hurting. And it’s even sadder knowing how it all going to end up with Nicholas in the future.



Sweet Carmine as a daddy? Oh you got me there! So it’s Halloween and Carmine and his daughter were tricky treat (as she said it) at Corrado’s of all places.

“A princess of pizza!”

Corrado’s brow furrowed at her response.

“She means a principessa,” Carmine said.

I don’t usually like sweet, but this is exactly what I needed after all the depressing stuff of the main books. I think this is the perfect way to wrap up the series.


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