Review: Beta by Jasinda Wilder

Beta by Jasinda Wilder

Title: Beta
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Genre: Erotic romance
Type: Book 2 of Alpha series
POV: First person – dual
Rating: 4/5

Roth’s past demons came back to haunt him. He was taken while she was asleep and the only person Kyrie had to turn for help was Harris the ex Army Ranger/bodyguard/driver. Together, they formed a two person team to search and rescue Roth who was taken by an old associate/enemy.

After Roth was rescued, she wanted to send Kyrie away to safety but she wouldn’t listen. She wanted to fight his enemy right beside him.

“He has an empire, Kyrie. Access to literally everything. A small army, and that’s no exaggeration. He can wield tanks. Rocket launchers. And we’ve got…Harris.”

After his rescue, things between Kyrie and Roth changed. He was traumatized to what was done to him and what he did to Kyrie.

“I feel like…like something is broken between us.”

And what happened to him with Gina in the past explained his need for control later in his life. It took him an encounter with someone who “demanded” something from him to “see the light”.

“And I decided to embark on a quest. Instead of taking pleasure, I would give it. Under my terms, under my control.”

Well, that explained why he was downright vicious in giving Kyrie orgasms (after orgasms without him getting off) in Alpha. I thought it was ridiculous then. I’m still not convinced.

The book started with heart thumping actions – car chasing, gun blazing, explosions shattering The first 40% was exciting with the places they went to – France, Greece, Egypt. I enjoyed reading about their adventures.

After the 50% mark, the book pace really suffered a downturn. The after shower sex scene after they went back to New York was dragged way too long! It’s words after (unnecessary) words after (insignificant) words… It took practically the whole chapter.

And I thought it was finally over, but as soon as the next chapter started, they started again! I understand the need to add quiet/tender moments in the middle, but it was too long and too slow. I’m not complaining about too many sex scenes (because really there were not many) but the scenes would be tighter if it was done with less wordy descriptions. Sometimes hard and fast get the job done better (pun partially intended).

Thank goodness after 60% it picked up again. They were being too complacent and had to pay for it. That’s when the story shifted again. This time however, they were more prepared to deal with the threat.

The ending… I’m can’t really decide if I like it. I would like it if the author was sure of coming up with book 3 because I really want to see the confrontation with Vitaly since I have a sense that he cared about Roth. But alas, she has left that decision open for now.

Note: I love that old man Henri!


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