Review: Hemy by Victoria Ashley

Hemy by Victoria Ashley

Title: Hemy

Author: Victoria Ashley
Genre: Erotic romance
Type: Book 2 of Walk of Shame standalone novella
POV: First person – dual
Rating: 3/5

When I read the first book Slade, I thought Hemy was incredibly hot. Unfortunately in this book, his sex appeal was like of a middle age soccer dad.

Hemy was one of the studs from Walk of Shame who worked as a stripper.

He was a manwhore who delved into sex and alcohol as a coping mechanism. His heart was broken 4 years before by the only woman he cared about, who left her because of his drug problem, which caused by his broken past – SPOILER> being abandoned by his parents and separated from his sister. <SPOILER

He had been clean for the last 3 years hoping one day to reconnect with the love of his life Onyx. Lo and behold, a job took him back to her.

From there on, the story just dragged along. All we got was him wanting her back > sex > her afraid to open up her heart > sex, and repeat the whole process. It felt tedious with them moping on their own same problem. Even the sexy scenes felt tedious to me. It was too long and too generic. Quality people, not quantity.

My biggest issue is concerning the sister. How old exactly she was? Hemy said she was too young to remember his name. Please don’t tell me she was younger than 8 when they were separated because that would make her SPOILER> an underage stripper (I’m just low-balling the legal stripping age is 18 – and he’s been looking for her for 10 years) <SPOILER. If she’s even younger, that would make it even more inappropriate! Because I think any kid above the age of 5 should be able to know their sibling’s full name. It just didn’t make sense. And how he never questions about her profession when he found out who she was? I would like to see more reaction from him.

Overall, if you want a light read with copious amount of sex without needing to dissect the plot, go ahead and try this book.

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