Review: Tied

Tied by Emma Chase

Title: Tied
Author: Emma hase
Genre: Romantic comedy
Type: Book 4 of Tangled series
POV: First person – male
Rating: 4/5

Have I told you I love Drew?

“I’ll give you ten thousand dollars for four hours of sleep. I’ll write the check outright now.” I wave the checkbook in front of his face, hoping to distract him.

Yup, that’s him trying to bribe his newborn baby.

The story started a week before their impending wedding day. Their baby James was 2 years old and we got to see how they handle being first time parents. There’s a few flashbacks of how Drew and Kate handled the baby.

She turns to James and admonishes gently, “No, James.”
He shakes his head, trying to understand. “No poosy?”
I crack up harder. Now Kate is glaring. She puts her hands on her hips. “Yes—and that’s exactly what Daddy’s going to be getting if he
doesn’t stop laughing right now.”
James’s eyes go wide and he tries to warn me. “No poosy, Daddy.”

The gang decided they should all go to Las Vegas (minus children) for their separate bachelor and bachelorette parties. Of course Billy, the ever present thorn in Drew’s ass was there.

While in Vegas, Drew showed his (still up for debate) maturity by doing Billy a favor (even if it was his own personal gain). Of course Vegas offered so many opportunities for screw ups and Sin City didn’t disappoint.

Overall, this book as expected, made me

Drew is definitely one of my top favorite male literary character – and that saying a lot since I’m naturally more drawn to the dark brooding type. I love his attitude and his thinking and I applaud Emma Chase for her ability to think/write like a man.

However, Tied didn’t get a full 5 stars for me because it was quite subdued. I was really excited to get back into Drew’s head and hoping for another epic screw up, but there really wasn’t any. Yes Drew and gang encountered several challenges but nothing major to make it a standout. Also, I think the epilogue was too stretched out.

Still, with all that said, I will always love Drew Evans, the original epically charming, adorably infuriating and devilishly handsome (as he would put it himself) man.

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