Review: Four Score

 Four Score by Lili St. Germain

Title: Four Score
Author: Lili St. Germain
Genre: Dark romance/erotic
Type: Book 4 of Gypsy Brother serial novella
POV: First person – female
Rating: 3.5/5

Four Score revolved around Julz (I still prefer to call her Sammi though) and Jase’s relationship. After Jase found out about who she really was, they tried to build back from what was left from 6 years before. It wasn’t easy because Jase couldn’t get over Julz choices.

I can’t blame him. Julz was such a selfish bitch! The things she said to Jase, I wanted to slap her for it. She was all “It’s all about me. Everyone else be damn” attitude. She never thought about how others suffered just as much too.

In this book, we got to a hint of what Jase had to go through after she “died”. I hope the matter will be explored further in future books. I also need to know about why exactly her father wanted to run away. So far we were barely informed of it and it’s not enough to understand his motivation.

I also need to say something about Julz character. Sometimes she reminded me of Anastasia Steele from FSOG – the dumb blonde inner voice and the dumb things she did. I wanted to shake her sometimes because things always didn’t go to plan not because of external circumstances, but because of her blatant stupidity.

The ending was good though. It really pulled you to grab the next book because things were going to change from this point on.

Note: I’m also happy that the sexy scenes were of people you want to get sexy with instead of that vile Dornan!

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