Review: Seven Sons

Seven Sons by Lili St. Germain

Title: Seven Sons
Author: Lili St. Germain
Genre: Dark Romance/Erotic
Type: Book 1 of Gypsy Brothers novella
POV: First person – female
Rating: 3/5

I’ve wanted to read this one for quite a while but waited until towards the end because I prefer to read serial novella that way letting me read everything at one go. I love the premise of the story – revenge. It had a potential to be gripping, cold and twisted.

The story centered on Juliette, the daughter of Gypsy Brothers MC president. At 15, she was raped and almost left to death by Dornan Ross and his seven sons. Six years later, she came back for vengeance. Her plan was to change her appearance, infiltrate the organization and destroy them from within while having help from someone outside and possible someone inside who were both from her past.

In general it sounded like a good story in the making, but it didn’t really hit the mark in reality. It started good. I really like the dark and gritty beginning of her nightmare and I was rooting for her. When she started to change her appearance, becoming Samantha and plotting her revenge, I wanted to high five her.

But once she stepped back into the world she left six years ago, a lot of things just didn’t add up. First was the thing with Jase. She used to love him, her first love even but she didn’t even recognize him when she stepped into the bar. She was the one with the new face, not him!

There were also a few unrealistic/unreasonable scenes. When she wanted to go into the tattoo parlor alone, here was her reasoning for him not to:

“If you must know, I kind of … cried last time I got tattooed. And he told me the coloring in is worse than the outline.”
Jase relaxes perceptibly and steps back. “Okay,” he says. “Well, I’ll be just across the road.”

He agreed to leave her alone for that reason? Huh? Just a few seconds before he admitted his father would kill him is he lost her. And then after she just had the tattoo and decided to jump into the ocean. I never had a tattoo but I can imagine how that would sting!

Speaking of the father, that was actually the biggest issue. Her plan to infiltrate the MC was by being a stripper at their club. Instead of getting a job as one, she caught Dornan’s eye and was elevated as his “whore” instead. His obsession with her was too much, too quick. There was a big issue of believability there. And considering she had six years and how gung ho she was before she actually stepped into the clubhouse, once she was there it didn’t seem she had any plan at all.

And there was also the anti-climatic ending. Yes I’m aware sometimes the best plan is an unplanned one, but the first kill could use a little more flair. Not in term of the method use, rather the execution.

Overall I think the story was too fast, too soon. Maybe it should have been made into a full novel so the plot would have time to develop more. It needed more details and believability for me to care about the characters because currently, I really didn’t care much for them.

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