Review: Collateral

Collateral by Callie Hart

Title: Collateral
Author: Callie Hart
Genre: Erotic Romance/Thriller
Type: Book 6 of Blood & Roses novella
POV: First person – dual
Rating: 5/5

I really had to pull myself together to start reading this book because I absolutely love Zeth and Sloane and I absolutely hate to acknowledge that their story was going to end. I’m glad I did because the series never disappointed me.

Collateral brought the stories in full circle. What lost was found (even if it took a long road). What broken was mended (even just partially). And along the way, they danced around fragile and explosive situations.

Zeth, oh Zeth. How much I love that guy.

He’s dark, brooding and broken. But he’s not whining or wallowing in self pity like so many of broken heroes out there and that made him among top on my list of favorite male characters.

SPOILER>Lacey’s death<SPOILER was hard because I felt so much for Zeth.

I really wanted him to be happy because he deserved it. But I have to agree with the author’s explanation at the end of the book why it needed to happen. The ending wouldn’t be as satisfying if it happened differently.

I’ve always love Michael since the beginning because he’s so calm and cool. And when he broke down, it broke my heart to see his vulnerability and it made me love him even more. And he’s going to get his own book!

Note: Never thought a black duffle bag would be so sexy. I kind of missed it (or more accurately its contents) in this book.

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