Review: The Edge of Never


The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Type: Book 1 of The Edge of Never series

POV: Dual

Rating: 4.5 Stars

I do love the story. It made me want to just pack my bags and hit the open road and find myself my own Andrew.


I love both Cam and Andrew. They were a true kindred spirit. Both of them were silently hurting trying to deal with their own situations. I like that the book was dual POV because while Cam’s POV was mostly depressing, Andrew’s POV balanced it by being more in your face that lightened up the mood.

I just love Andrew. I love how he pushed Cam and make her live her life. He’s such a nice gentle guy (unless provoked of course). Just one thing I felt a bit out of place. About his (view spoiler) thing. It just didn’t fit him that it felt like an afterthought. I just don’t get the significance of it because it wasn’t elaborated.

I felt the book was a bit slow up to 50% or so. Because as the reader, I already know their secrets (even when they haven’t known each other’s secrets yet) and I felt like there wasn’t much conflict to look forward. It wasn’t until towards the end we got an inclination that Andrew had another secret.

And it was a good one. I didn’t expect that. I expected him to have trouble at home, but not until he brought Cam back to his mum that I had an idea what it could be. And when it was confirmed I was just…

I do like the ending but, I don’t know, I somehow feel like I like it better if their story just end there. Because it already felt completed. But of course I would read the next book now.

P.S.: Love his Eurydice and Orpheus tattoo and how he imagined it would be completed. So romantic. *sigh*

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